About us

Balkan.Auction - Balkan Online Auctions
The beginning
The company, owner of the platform (Auction.BG Ltd.), was registered in October 2004 with its main activity - creating an online auction platform.
Plan and projects
November 2004 - March 2005: designing and creating an online auction platform – Auction.BG;
April - July 2005: installing and testing the platform;
August 2005: publication of the website;
January - March 2017: designing of a new international auction platform;
April - November 2017: creating and testing of Balkan.Auction;
December 2017: official publication.
Goals and tasks
On the base of many years of experience in online marketing, the founders of the company believe that:
- to satisfy customer interests, an online auction market is required;
- sellers will have millions of potential customers in front of their “shop windows”;
- buyers will be able to choose the most advantageous of many offers;
- trade must go without intermediaries - anyone can sell or buy new and used goods.
Main motto of the team
We work for you!
Auction.BG Ltd.
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