Registration and auctions starting are free of charge.
No fees are collected from the Buyers.
A final value fee is charged if the item is sold. It is 3% of the total amount of the sale, but not more than 20 € and not less than one euro cent.
Fees are also charged for using additional/advertising options.
These options have fixed fees and they are charged when starting and restarting an auction:
Bold -  0.30 €
Highlighted -  0.60 €
Category Top -  1.30 €
Homepage Top -  2.50 €
Extended duration -  1.10 €
Additional Images -  0.40 €
Reserve Price -  0.40 €
Restrictive Option I -  0.30 €
Restrictive Option II -  0.30 €
The fees are charged to Seller’s account.
Complaints and objections concerning charged fees are made within 15 days of the date of their charging.
A full list of all fees, in their charging order, is visualised on each Seller’s account, and entries older than 365 days are grouped.

Advertising options fees are non-refundable.
A final value fee refund system is inserted. Refund/Restore request can be made by the Seller if there is a canceled sale and under the following conditions:
  • no earlier than10 days and no later than 25 days after the end of an auction;
  • no positive rating comments on the respective sale;
  • no information about the delivered package, related to the respective auction.

If a user is required to make a guarantee fee payment to prevent any malicious/unfair actions (in accordance with General Terms and Conditions 10), the amount could be redeemed after 18 months (counting from the day of payment) of correct usage of the platform or in case of a premature termination of Balkan.Auction’s activity. The amount of payment could not be higher than 80 €.

Detailed information about all possible methods of feeding a user account, as well as its transactions - Profile / Account

The General Terms and Conditions and the Fees section are linked documents, therefore any change in fees reflects on the date of the last revision in General Terms and Conditions.