Easter Bonus 16 April 2021
New functionalities 1 August 2020
Second Chance Offers 16 March 2020
Saved Searches 8 January 2020
Prohibited Items 4 January 2020

Saved Searches

Every search initiated in the system can be saved, with the possibility of daily notification of results, including new auctions. In this way, you will receive information about new auctions with specific items or from a preferred seller. You will have access to all your saved searches through the button to the left of the main search module

as well as in Settings

We seize the moment to remind you that failure to complete specifications upon starting auctions leads to a severe limitation of visits to them and consequently - the possibility of a deal. Keep in mind that 80% of the search is performed using the specifications specific to each category (Size, Year, Condition, ...). If specifications are not completed, your auctions are not visualized in search results.